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A picture gallery about ABBA's holiday island.
Stockholm's archipelago contains over 24,000 islands. Viggsö is one of them.

Agnetha and Björn bought a summer cottage here in 1971, followed in 1974 by Benny and Frida
Also Stikkan Anderson bought a house on the island in the early 1970s. The three families spent every free moment in between promotion tours and studio sessions to relax and to work on new songs.
The fist Viggsö composing sessions took place late 1972. Björn and Benny had received an invitation to write an entry for the Swedish melodifestivalen. "Ring Ring" was written with piano and guitar in the tiny cottage on the island.

Explore the island from above:  http://www.geonames.org/3219127/viggsoe.html

Viggsö brygga in June 2011

Viggsö in January 2012

Above photo was taken in February 2012


The summer cottage where Benny and Björn worked on hits such as Fernando and Dancing Queen has been put up for sale.

The cottage has played a rich part in ABBA’s cultural heritage. It has been featured in TV specials, many pictures and even ABBA The Movie.

The fact that it has been so pivotal in the ABBA story is borne out by the inclusion of a faithful recreation of the cottage’s interior in the ABBAWORLD touring exhibition.

The ‘songwriters hut’ belongs to a larger property on the island of Viggsö in Stockholm’s archipelago. It is this property, for sale at SEK 7,000,000 and the property next door that are now for sale.

It is believed that Björn and Lena currently own both properties. Maybe they just didn’t get over there much this Summer?!


Following on from the original news that ABBA’s ‘songwriting cottage’ is up for sale comes an intriguing and exciting development reported today by the Swedish press.

Björn Ulvaeus and his wife Lena have offered the municipality of Värmdö their famous writers cottage on Viggsö. The municipality is positive to the plans.

The home for ABBA during the seventies
Both ABBA-couples and their manager Stikkan Andersson bought properties on Viggsö during the seventies. In 2007 the Ulvaeus family bought another house on the island from Stikkan Andersson’s son Lasse Andersson. It is these two properties that have now been sold. Combined these beach properties are 14,540 square meters in size plus a large water area. The Ulvaeus family bought a farm in January 2010 on the island of Hölö, outside of Stavsnäs.

“This is a place with a lot of history that could be quite good to secure for the general public. It could possibly be turned into a mini ABBA-museum”, said the head of the culture department Lena Gullmert.

In December the municipality was contacted by the well-known real estate broker Christer Magnusson, who had earlier sold the two Ulvaeus family properties on Viggsö.

“No cottage is a world famous as this one, so I highlighted this specifically in our ad”, said Christer Magnusson.

A significant number of ABBA’s hits were created in this very cottage.

The municipality in tune
The offer came as a very welcome surprise for Värmdö. The municipality recently announced plans that to strengthen its brand and to position itself better as a tourist destination.

We have confirmed to the family that we are positive and that it would be great if all would indeed work out. In the ideal scenario we could turn the writers hut into an attraction with a mini-exposition of objects from the ABBA era, says newly appointed mayor Stellan Folkesson.

Just before Christmas a meeting was held between the mayor, the culture department head and the Ulvaeus family. Initially the idea was that the municipality would get the opportunity to open the writers cabin to the general public. But after discussions the agreement was made to leave that decision to the new owners of the property.

Buyer wants to protect

Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist, copyright Premium Rockshot.
Johan Bengtsson, buyer of the Ulvaeus family property on Viggsö is unaware of the details of the discussions.

“We think it’s important and have set as a goal that the cottage shall be protected. We have engaged in a discussion with the municipality if and if so, how it can be made available for showings to the public or can be used in another way. It has to happen though in a way that is satisfactory for all parties”, he says to NVP.

The Bengtsson family owns several properties and museums, among others the museum of flight F15 in Söderhamn. They also invite the general public to “Byarnas Dag” in the province of Hälsningland once a year.

Initially there were plans to include the famous writers cottage in the ABBAWORLD exhibition that goes on at the moment. However the plans were rejected as the location and its history was seen at least as important as the cottage itself.

“Can be really good”
“It is a memorable place, which in my opinion is getting more and more interesting as time goes by”, says Stellan Folkesson.

Real estate broker Christer Magnusson hopes that the plans for a mini-museum on Viggsö will become reality: “If done properly, this can be really, really good”, he says.

Björn Ulvaeus has declined to comment on the project.

Many thanks to Michel Annink for the news and the translation.

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Original Swedish article in NVP Nacka Värmdö Posten, 18 January 2011.

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150250915287075.331789.104684047074&type=3  Screenshots from Coast, when the BBC programme visited Viggsö and the cottage.

The famous summer cottage where Benny & Björn composed a lot of hits like "Fernando", "Dancing Queen" and "Thank You For The Music". ABBA was filmed on Viggsö for the TV special 1976 "ABBA Dabba Do" and ABBA The Movie.

Stills from the 1976 TV special "ABBA Dabba Do"

ABBA on Benny's boat in 1978

Bjorn returns to Viggsö for the documentary "The Winner Takes It All" (1999).
The cottage hasn't changed much. The piano is still there and ready to be played by Benny's magic fingers.

The island photographed by visitors in 2005:

Photos from 2006

The island in 2007:

Cruiseship Rhapsody near Viggsö

The 'Krut' passing the island

Viggsö in February

In 2005 Björn and wife Lena bought this summer house on Viggsö.

A replica of the cottage at the ABBA Museum in Stockholm:

Tourist information about Grinda, the popular island located east of Viggsö, at http://www.grindawardshus.se/